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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any charge to be listed in the stables directory?
No, none at all. The Stables Directory is provided as a free public service.

How do I get my stables listed in the directory?
Just fill in the Stables Information Form. While the directory focuses mainly on stables and equine organizations in the Midwest United States, I will consider stables from other areas as well.

How do I edit my information on an existing listing? How often should I update my information?
If you have just a small change, such as changing the name of a trainer or changing the boarding costs, just Email me at horse@centaur.org with exactly what information comes out, and what information goes in. Please remember to tell me the NAME of your stable you need the information changed in. If you have many or major changes, please resubmit the entire Stables Information Form. Please fill it out completely as the entire form will replace the old information. If you know you will be changing names or other small details over a period of time, please hold them until you have most of them in place and then submit them. If you do change your boarding rates or primary stable functions, feel free to submit them at any time, as users appreciate this information up to date.

How long will it take to post or update my listing?
Anywhere from 1 day to 3 or 4 weeks. I update everything by hand, and I try to get to everything at least twice a month, but sometimes its longer, sometimes its shorter, depending on what else is going on. :)

How do I get my Horse Club/Organization/Business/etc. listed?
Just send me an Email to: horse@centaur.org and I'll see what I can do.

There are listings for stables or web links that are out of date, broken, out of business, etc. Why?
This directory relies on you, the horse enthusiast, to submit corrections and point out defunct information. Horse Stables come and go, and when one goes out of business they don't always notify us of that fact. Entries in the directory are timestamped, so you can get an idea of how old a particular entry is. Some stables are forever, some come and go in 6 months.

Does the Directory sell any information or mailing lists?
No. I do not support the selling of lists or Email addresses and hate spam mail. The information in this directory is copyrighted and should not be used by mass mailers or other people or corporations to create unsolicited mail or Email. It is a violation of federal law to do so.

If I have a complaint about a stables or other equine business, can I post it here?
My view of this directory is just that, it is a Directory, not a place to bring grievances. There are many better places to bring problems with stables or people such as the local better business bureau, small claims court, local horse associations, etc. Of course the best practice is to thoroughly check out any place you are dealing with before you commit yourself to something. Do your home work, ask around of others near you, etc. Dealing with horses, trainers, and stables is not an exact science. The only constant is: There is never just one way of doing things. That being said, I also reserve the right to reject or delete any listing in this directory.

Why did you change the name from the Online Chicago Region Stables Directory to the Midwest Horse Stables Directory?
Well, since this is a one man (horse?) operation, I had to make sure I could provide it my time, so I started small, and was going to just cover the Illinois area. But many folks asked me to include their areas, centering on the Midwestern states, so I am trying to accommodate as best I can. There are many Midwestern horse stables that don't know about the Directory, and if you know of one that is not listed, please contact the stable owner/manager and let them know about us!

Who runs the Directory?
Chris Dunn. For lack of a better term, I am a "weekend cowboy." I had been riding for the last 15 years or so. I am a western rider. On 5/14/2000 I bought the horse I had been riding over the years and retired him. So there you have it, I have joined the rank of horse owners. Mickey simply looked at me like he always has, and mugged me for food. Ah, the joys. :) During the week I am a computer programer and jack of all trades technical manager. I used to ride the trails up in the Lakewood Forest Preserve in Lake County Illinois at Happy Trails. Mickey is moon blind in both eyes now, but gets around OK. He still has alot of get-up-and-go in him when I am steering!

Midwest Horse Stables Directory
Me and Mickey

For a Christmas present a few years back I gave my wife a pony "Snickers" who is retired from his life as the grooming demonstration pony at a zoo. He likes to get into all kinds of fun.
We also help out with a retired Belgian Draft name Duke. He used to pull carriages up and down Michigan Ave. in Chicago. Together these three form the Midwest Stables Directory "Herd". They are all out at a stable near Elburn Illinois.

Duke, Mickey, Snickers
(Large, Medium, Small - Moe, Larry, Curley - etc.)

What does Chris get out of doing the Stables Directory? 
Well, satisfaction in assisting my fellow riders. This is a purely noncommercial project. If you are a horse or stables owner, and I suddenly find myself in your neck of the woods, perhaps we can discuss my borrowing a horse for a few hours' ride...

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Presented as a public service. Not responsible for typographical errors, omissions, or erroneous information. This directory makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the fitness or suitability of any organization or entity listed herein as to their competency in working with or treatment of horses or other animals. Please visit any stable or organization and check the place out for yourself. Do your homework, check out the background of any place or person that will be dealing with your horse or loved ones. Please always confirm information with the provider. Specifications and information in listings subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to reject listings for any reason.
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